Sunday, March 29, 2020

garage gym

random snippets of musings
1. i usually love poetry but the apocalyptic poetry felt... depressing for some reason. maybe the thing about this whole pandemic is that it's terrible beyond words. we are lucky to have enough n95 where we are... but some places arent. im blessed to be in this fight with a set of awesome colleagues and friends and bosses who love to teach and keep on teaching with online zoom classes.

2. crossfit has been the only thing keeping my sanity thru this new posting and crisis of faith where i suddenly realized the holes in my knowledge and my weaknesses. at first it was just a welcome respite to turn the brain off work for a bit, meet new people, get out of the work sleep work sleep cycle and dreaming of work all night too. then it became a bit more as i started to learn more about the crossfit champs, like rich froning, and how he approaches comps - doesnt mind the outcome, just does it for God. what an apt metaphor for this race we are running in this life. and how the crossfit athletes acknowledge that they have weaknesses and the only way is to target each weakness. i have discovered a lot of weaknesses i never knew i had, and i'm slowly buffering each one up, so i'm sure that whenever i become reg, with God's grace, i will be a much much better one. thirdly, i realized that something i sorely lack is situational awareness. it's just that, as i become used to an environment, my familarity with that environment and people, makes it easier for me to overcome that, and then i function just fine in that environment. however, somehow, having a lot of spatial new stuff in crossfit and physical stuff, makes me more aware of the environment... and just generally more physically adept and less blur. although i still look generally blur, it's slightly improving. haha. what physical psychomotor skills.... yes crossfit is the place to sort that out! anyway, crossfit has been a lifesaving thing these few months. im so glad i found this box and signed up for it semi-regularly. although now with this virus pandemic, i'm sort of self-isolating so i cant go for classes... until i dont know when, but its slightly mitigated by the fact that literally the whole world is is lockdown now and doing online home garage gym workouts.

3. i dont know what to say about this pandemic thingy that the whole world hasn't already said, but. with some luck, hope and faith, we'll get through this. that's all one can ever hope. we've been training for this all our lives and we can do it!!

on a slightly brighter note, spending my off day netflixing sherlock

also have to
- do tox online thingy
- log pm temp
- watch online mass
- go for jog
- do crossfit home WOD
- do research
- watch a million ecg videos

looking forward to livestreaming the amal mattu ecg thingy coming up soon post fever shift!

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