Sunday, February 16, 2020


footprints - matt hammitt
Oh, it's amazing, flipping these pages
What's happened through all these years
Down in the basement, looking through the ages
I can see it so clear
Things from this old house
Really mean something now
Like that poem that I used to hear
Hanging round everywhere
I used to write it off
Just a picture on the wall
But now that I've lived some life
Been through some bitter times
I can understand
That one set of footprints in the sand
Oh, those lonely roads that I walked
Sleepless nights that I thought
I was on my own
But those footprints behind me
They tell the story
You carried me all along
Things aren't what they seem
Sometimes there's more than what we see
Ooh, yeah
And when I stop to look back
I can see your faithfulness
Written in the prints that you leave
You are more than here with me
Oh, Lord, you carry me
You are my strength when I'm weak
I see what's ahead of me
When I look back
At that poem that I used to hear
I saw it everywhere
I used to write it off
Now it's hanging on my wall
I still have some life to live
One thing, I'm sure of it
You'll be with me to the end
And I see that one set of your footprints again
You carry me, you carry me so I can rest, I can rest

chanced upon this song 

when this song plays, i can literally see the one set of footprints in the snow on a wintery day in edinburgh
and faintly, i can see the set of footprints from the walk from the mrt in
the path, initially new and fearful, but getting more and more well-worn as the years wear on..

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