Thursday, January 30, 2020

This i know

When im surrounded by uncertainty
And my fear tries to steal control
There is one thing that is no mystery
Jesus loves me this i know

When im flooded w anxiety
Waves of doubt wont drown my soul
Praise the one who walks beside me through
Mountain high and valley low

When my sin says im unreachable
Past the point where grace can go
When i feel anything but unloveable
Jesus loves me this i know

On Christ the solid rock i stand
All other ground is sinking sand
My saving grace, my only hope

On the mrt to night shift now
This is just one of a million pre night shift musings. So many of my musings are prenight, post night.
May God keep all my pts safe, past present and future
Help me to do the right thing always, whatever that may be.
Im actually not scared of this wuhan thing
I think im just way too jaded of life alr
As long as God keeps all my pts safe, and helps me to make the right decision always, i am totally ok
Smile, theres a bigger plan
The storm only lasts awhile

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