Sunday, January 5, 2020


Yay today i managed to make it for mass so twas a good day!

Also i realized it was the epiphany which is one of my fav days not least cos of the pun. It always feels like i will get some impt epiphany from God on this day haha.

Today one of the thoughts that struck me, in the middle of struggling with my research- i can submit my research but in the end, its up to God whether he deems it useful or not to publish it. And then suddenly all the angst of barking up the wrong trees, chasing missing leads etc.. it all melted away. All my insecurities that why are the results so weird and all the reviewers comments which srsly.. came at christmastime too!! It all melted away. Ill give it my best shot. I mean i only have 2 more off days so im not sure how best a best shot i can give it. Ill give it a shot, and God will do the rest. If he deems it insignificant or silly then he will do the appropriate.

Plan for current few days
- research
- then revise adult emed for simwars and for next posting
- pray
- sleep
- netflix
- 2 more shifts!

Also a random thought on ce..what can i say... it has a special place in my heart and in my life. If i had not come to ce, i may never have found my true love emed. But i could also do better in the sense that, i am not a pediatric specialist nor do i pretend to be, i know my limits. So i shall practice safely. And so that we can all sleep happily at night. But maybe pple think i am chui cos of that. Well, thats ok with me :)  never pretended to be a peds person after the last time i left ce as a mopex mo haha that was my peak in terms of peds knowledge. For adult emed - well ok that one i admit i am always continuously learning and one day i will be the senior lol. However that being said, even tho in exam when u say "i will call for help" the help nv really comes, i do think in real life, its impt to know ones limits too! Anyway it has been a blessing to come to ce for the 3rd time. Im not sure if i was most pro this time, i suspect now i may have discussed one too many cases this time hahaha. But the camaraderie of the other r2s has made this the best ce posting out of the 3. No more lonely chocolate bars at 3am as i stagger out half zonked. Instead we have jap food, frog porridge, dim sum and jollibee, cheering to see our room assignments as we troop in, and our very own subq whatsapp grp. Thanks guys for making this my best ce posting yet :):)

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