Friday, January 17, 2020

Aquamarine days

Ive had quite a few dept farewell parties by now being pgy5 - actually tbh i kinda stopped counting as the number of pgy increases hahaha. But ive nv been to a ce dept farewell party. 1st time they had it, i was a new out of phase baby mo. 2nd time, i was busy on shift and relearning adult med em from scratch. 

Ytd was pretty warm & fuzzy, and reminded me of how much i love that place. Adult emed is without any doubt the best thing that ever happened to me and also a gift from God. But my very first ed posting and my very first baby mo posting ce will always have a place in my heart! 

And my mentors dr a and dr s, who taught me so much and i was such a blur baby mo then, this meant alot of night shift pep talks by dr s hahahah. Thank you for bearing with me, and encouraging me, and lighting the fire of adrenaline loving behavior. Hearing that i have improved a lot in clinical acumen and all since my peds mopex days, really feels nice (altho it has been like 4 yrs, so i sincerely shld hope i have improved hahah)

And to my fellow r2s- the reccent resus shifts in cgh have shown me the imptance of teamwork and camaraderie. I really couldnt ask for better buddies!! We make an awesome team guys!!! 

And to God, for turning my endless tunnels of despair into something amazing, for turning my years of discouragement into experiences that made me a much better doctor, for turning every single setback into something i could learn from, for always protecting me from making wrong choices. For answering my desperate prayers across the edinburgh rooftops and never leaving me. Thank you for bearing with me. And thank you for helping me greatly improve my green plug setting!!! Best present ever. Next up for miracles: improved central line setting!!!

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