Sunday, December 1, 2019

rewrite the stars


maybe some of it is jadedness maybe some of it is realism


ANYWAY to cut a looooong story short

my current aims for dec 2019 (omg its already december)

b) revise adult ed stuffs
c) go for at least 2-3 crossfit classes! learn some cool thing like muscle up or handstand walk hahahaha
d) run once
e) cook something
f) french class? once?

stop floating around aimlessly brainlessly netflixing hahaha
altho it is sometimes necessary..
for sanity


i also think that i have a small problem with retail therapy
i mean i am not like say VERY VERY shopaholic to the point of sophie kinsella's becky bloomwood in confessions of a shopaholic, but

definitely buying random stuffs makes me v happy LOL

like really random. like art stuffs, french books, online french courses or italki classes

its on one hand i acknowledge its not good to be completely reliant on retail therapy
on the other hand

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