Wednesday, October 2, 2019

rainbows = God's promise

so about 5 yrs ago i last made this journey:

"back from my travels! most exciting & beautiful trip ever haha. literally thank God for bringing us back home safe & sound. admiring amazing feats of nature, probably one of the most beautiful places on earth, and suddenly saw a rainbow out of the corner of my eye. 

something that crossed my mind very frequently is that there are many things i want to do for God & that he wants me to do for him (i know this sounds very presumptious coming from someone who has a dubious blood taking success rate buT i am of the firm opinion that in our own ways big or small we can all do something for God in some way or other okayy. i just need to find my way, and in around 5 days time that will become slightly clearer... haha). well He did bring me through all types of situations so i'm guessing there is lots awaiting for me to do :)"

yeah. it became much clearer haha
just back from an awesome conference in the same land of waterfalls/rainbows/game of thrones
i learnt alot and had alot of fun!! plus good food

alot of pple kinda wondered why i took a bus instead of flying and there are a few reasons, one of which is i kinda wanted to prove to myself that i would take the right bus this time... for some reason, it meant alot to me. SPOILER ALERT. I TOOK THE RIGHT BUS. i DID NOT END UP IN BOSNIA. that being said, taking the scenic route was not bad. the sunrise in bosnia is really pretty ok. 

ANYWAY back to reality
a million things to do

what i want to do
- sleep
- have brunch
- study korean
- study french

to do list
- create simulation scenarios 
- email ___ re: our project
- paper 1
- paper 2
- pack bag (ok this is also under sth i want to do haha)


oh ya post night chill with netflix is so awesome

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