Thursday, October 31, 2019

keeping tracK/ pre night shift musings #102

omg im subscribed to so many online things/ recurring payments im beginning to lose track
- emrap + NEW corependium! which looks so cool
- ecg weekly
- rosh [ok that's compulsory. hahah]
- glossika [think im gonna quit. tbh. but it was fun!]
- bearpro [so awesome for note taking]
- gym
- just signed up for 1 italki class hehe

- kwqiz french

i also really want to sign up for
- crossfit
- fitnessbravo
- webarre
- adult ballet.
- more italki classes

i also wanna sleep all day
BUT also want to
learn french
do research

what i DONT want to to
take a difficult exam 6 months from now



ok off to gym pre night shift then backfill a million downtime cases~

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