Monday, August 19, 2019

our daily bread


“Emotionally, we’ve sometimes worked a full day in one hour,” Weighty emotions and responsibilities can leave us physically, mentally, and spiritually exhausted. And all we want to do is sleep.
In 1 Kings 19, the prophet Elijah found himself in a situation where he was depleted in every way. Elijah was so afraid he ran away and prayed he would die (19:3-4).
In his distress, he lay down. An angel touched him twice and told him to “get up and eat” (vv. 5, 7). After the second time, Elijah was strengthened by the food God provided, and he “traveled forty days and forty nights” until he came to a cave (vv. 8-9). There, the Lord appeared to him and recommissioned him (vv. 9-18)—and he was refreshed and able to continue the work God had for him to do.
perpetually tired and sleepy
living on the EDGE
life in the fast lane dudE
but i'm loving it!
many emotions being back in CE. It's funny how life cycles around like that. going back to edin for emed exams. going back to london for more exams. (there were alot of exams). going back to CE for r2 year. 
it should get better and better haha but WHY do i still feel stressed rah. i think there are alot of expectations. from myself. from others. i think mostly from myself
anyway, as always i try my best. dont know if or when my best is good enough.  but perhaps, perhaps one day it will be
anyway, its nice meeting my friends the peds people! memories of those days slogging away. kinda like meeting the eye people. thanks guys for putting up with me back then! but out of everything, my one true love is definitely EMED! wish i could be better at it... GETTING THERE one step at a time
hearts to my fellow now r2s for all the neverending encouragement and whatsapp chats. and also thanks for putting up with me LOL. just had to say that. just like how we look back on rgs days now... i am sure when we eventually graduate from residency we will happily rmb all these wednesday post emcc coffees and dinners!! 

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