Monday, August 19, 2019

little star

listening to standing egg music is so nice
two days off omg what shall i do with my days off!!? so much to do so little timeeee

been reflecting on r1 year and i did alot of things omg haha. dunno how i did all that. but also didnt do alot of things

dont know how i am gonna finish what i need to leh.but hopefully God finds a way as always!

ytd drove myself to work and back, PERSONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT, at nearly 30 yo. little kids have started calling me aunty oMG. so happy when they call me jiejie. me printing mc another comp cos my comp printer doesnt work and overheard kid asking her mum "the jiejie just now, is she coming back?" SO CUTEEE. remembering what i loved about peds the most is THE VERY CUTE KIDS. i love waving byebye and high fiving kids. the best of 1 year+ of my life distilled into this. and the rest is just automated feveradvice backslabs running to resus - runs like an autopilot, the memories tattooed into the DNA of my being since baby mo year1! 

but! i must keep up with adult EM! REBEL EM, EMRAP, ROSH REVIEW, AMAL MATTU. fonts of knowledge. if i learn all this i will be a competent reg/pokemon master one day! that's the dream at least. one day far far away in a not so far away galaxy...

2-4pm RESEARCH. 
6pm onwards: NIV research. or chill. i think i shld do NIV research. 

am - meet duke students with sf
evening - trying out new gym

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