Sunday, July 14, 2019

three in the morning/and im still awake

be strong in the lord and/
never give up hope/
you're gonna do great things/
i already know/
God's got his hand on you so/
dont live your life in fear/
forgive and forget but/
dont forget why you're here

in the middle of a room full of crying babies and nine cases and stress trying to take bp from a kicking child, i looked up to see one of my fav nurses with a picture of mother mary carrying a cute baby Jesus on her access card (lol i love how she proudly displays it so openly).

in the middle of a new but old posting i should be SO MUCH BETTER AT, but am sadly not, in the middle of URTI induced myalgia and generalized malaise, in the middle of juggling a million things to do that i dont think i am juggling very well tbh... feeling very post night cos i leave work so late everyday... BUT VERY GRATEFUL to do it with my homies. srsly. post shift supper was SO SHAG but SO worth it hehe

to get the vote of confidence from ____ totally made my day!!. no need actual votes. just these votes of confidence is enough for me
i dont deserve to be covered by your grace/
so with every breath the least i can say/
i will run and not grow weary/
i cant sing loud enough/
i could nv earn your love
im just a glimpse of the hope u see in me
for what its worth
i will lift my voice and sing
for what it's worth
for what it's worth, i will keep on trying
it's sometimes not easy BUT he has sent alot of people to help along the way

i will keep on trying to be a good doctor. to somehow get back to MRCPCH lvl. how ah. i cannot rmb anymore in SLE whether c3 and c4 will be high or low?! does it matter? not really, but alot of neonates nutritional info and all matters...
wish i could re-download all the things i knew last time into my brain

also need to keep my adult em knowledge current....
you will never leave me/
you will always be the one who calms the raging seas..

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