Thursday, July 4, 2019


a quick reflection of the whirlwind past 2days
turning r2, going back to ce, has been very significant (albeit stressful) for me

i am SO glad to do it with 3 of my em buddies!! one of the best things abt this residency thingy is that we rotate together most of the time haha so there so far has always been buddies around despite occasional nOOBness

feeling very nostalgic in many ways - ed at the mothershiphosp has been SO AMAZING, i lost count of how many times pple asked me am i r3 and gonna be reg soon. THANK YOU ALL for the trust and vote of confidence in me (actually its becos i am very old, not cos i am very good or deserving of it). thank you all for showing me how AWESOME emergency medicine is. i have done many postings in my lifetime, but ed at the big hosp is the bEST. NO MAN LEFT BEHIND literally. everything i learnt abt em, i learnt from you guys and the amazing skh pple from my first baby emed mo posting. i am very grateful to the kind bosses who have been teaching us all these years. 

going back to CE, my first love, is both nostalgic in many ways, and stressful. i am not sure if my own expectations are higher or others have higher expectations, but suffice it to say, i am nOT up to my own expectations. there are things of life i learnt in ce and things i learnt in emed and what CE taught me is that if i put my mind to it, i can definitely buck up and improve. i dont have super high expectations but i expect myself to at least reach the lvl i was at before i left ce the last mopex posting lOL. timeline, uhhhh one week? 

"you and i, we can make it through make it through..."

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