Sunday, July 14, 2019

reflections of first half of 2019

always enjoy looking back on how the year has been haha. and also this midpoint reflection thingy. common themes: EXHAUSTION. EXTREME MEDICINE. POKEMON. GOD IS GOOD. running. (funny. cos i havent run much this yr actually..)

Jan 2019 

on the FIRST day of new year, and the anes reg says "its ok la. HAVE FAITH". it has taken me 29 years and nearly pgy5 before i finally got it. HAVE FAITH. 

You're gonna make it
And the night can only last for so long
Whatever you're facing

Feb 2019
AM COMPLETELY AMAZED that i passed the mcem osce!! amazed and in awe of God's timing. hopefully i can somehow level up and become a pokemon master somedaY. with God's help.

Mar 2019

sometimes it feels more like extreme exhaustion, rather than extreme medicine. 

April 2019

its always comforting to sit next to that fish and loves mural in church haha. like a constant reminder: GOD WILL PROVIDE. I WILL NOT STARVE. MY PATIENTS ARE GONNA BE OK. whatever ok means. I WILL DO THE RIGHT THING.
every door that slams in my face, I will offer up in prayer
So take my five loaves and two fishes
Do with it as you will

May 2019
have been running and running nonstop for awhile now
only with God's grace
and what keeps running through my mind is that THANK YOU GOD FOR LEADING ME TO EMED.

June 2019

your mercy never failed me
you have led me through the fire
and in the darkest night you are close like no other

Yea I could try so hard
To give it everything I've got
But I'm not ever gonna measure up
All I can do is thank You
For this life I never deserved
I'm glad You never walked away

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