Sunday, March 24, 2019

fountains/ all my hope is built on your love

The apostle Paul faced many hardships but believed that what is unseen will last forever. He said how his “momentary troubles” achieve “an eternal glory” (2 Corinthians 4:17). Thus he could fix his eyes “not on what is seen, but on what is unseen,” because what is unseen is eternal (v. 18). Paul yearned that the Corinthians and our faith would grow, and although we suffer, that we too would trust in God. We might not be able to see Him, but we can believe He is renewing us day by day (v. 16).
And I hoped the next time I was tempted to believe that God was far from me, I would fix my eyes on what is unseen.
Lord God, sometimes I feel like You’re far from me. Help me to believe the truth that You are ever near, whether I feel Your presence or not. 
What does it mean for you to fix your eyes on what is unseen? How does your hope in Jesus help you face the difficulties of life?
nicole nordeman 
Anywhere You are is sanctuary
Everywhere You are is where I'm free
You're here, You're here
The only invitation that You need
Is the very air I breathe
In the same small room
Staring at the life I've chosen
Hoping that the door's still open

To give my heart to You
In this same small room
What could separate
Me from all the ways You love me?
Nothing below or above me

Could get in the way
You're still in my story, when my tears fall on the dirt
You're there in the morning, wrapping grace around what hurts
You were in the questions, in the silence on the phone
You were paying cab fare, making sure I made it home
I believed in too far, I believed in my worst fear
But You were never moving closer, You were only always here
you were with me as i ran through the snowy meadows, you were with me as i sent up prayer missives from my third floor room overlooking the rooftops, you were with me as i cried in a stairwell all alone, you were with me when i walked into an LT of strangers for the very first time (thinking to myself that as long as i was back home it didnt really matter if i had any friends or not, BUT you sent some AWESOME friends who are still my friends to this very day. in fact hung out with c having cgh starbucks coffee halfway during acp day haha . you cured me of my bad habits of pangsehing people too, who would have thought!!). you were with me as i slogged through the trenches in basements of various hospitals, and found such untold happiness and excitements in aforementioned basements. you were with me as i faced overwhelming uncertainties and faced a crazy eye learning curve. you were with me as i did call after EOD eye calls in what seemed like a winter that would never end. 
and now as i face the feeling of impostor syndrome ++ and knowing there is SO MUCH i do not know, unknown unknowns and known unknowns, drowning in research as always, research qns coming out my ears, working nonstop for 12days with no break (except a midweek excursion to play escape the room... then doing a practice resus shift as reg with P plate - like LOL SO RANDOM. but VERY FUN. i had to prime all the nurses that i was doing this practice resus shift and they were v amuseD. ) 
all my hope is in you Lord/ my hope is built on your love
just now i drove to church for the first time in 2 weeks (read: working nonstop for 12days plus). and ummm i took the wrong way kinda and overshot (also carpark was fuil). had to make a u turn. it was kinda a good metaphor. sometimes we get distracted or life doesnt go perfectly the way we plan to. even if we are doing something perfectly legit like... going to church. BUT. God will always give us a way out, a way to u turn back, a second chance.STORY OF MY LIFE. 
josh baldwin - fountains 
I will never forget
The moment I met you
The moment you called my name
Pulled me out of the darkness
Gave me a promise
To never thirst again
All that I ever wanted
My heart has found in you
I have tasted life
Nothing satisfies
Like you do
The fount that won't run dry
Nothing satisfies like you do
I want all that You offer
Your living water
Drink from the endless well
I will sit at your table
Forever grateful
Forever where You plan
All my fountains are in
All my hope is built on your love
All my fountains are in you
With every breath I live for you Lord
josh baldwin-peace
Verse 1: In a land of my heart
In the fathoms of my soul
When the waters of my fears begin to rise
I feel your love taking hold
In the valley of my mind
On the road of the unknown
When the shadows of my doubts are closing in
You are the light that brings me home

Chorus: And when I'm breathing
I don't understand
But I can feel it
Every waking moment
In your presence
This peace won't let me go
There is freedom
Laying all my worries
At your feet again
Even in my struggle
I'm surrendering
Your peace wont let me go

Verse 2: When my strength is nearly gone
When my wells have all run dry
It's your kindness that will lead me to your arms
Where I find grace that you've supplied

Surely goodness and mercy will follow me
Surely all that you've promised
You're so much more than I can see
I will rest in the assurance that I have all I need
Here in the Father's peace

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