Friday, February 1, 2019

a billion stars

a billion stars - one sonic society
God above it all
In you I will believe
What you begin in me
You will complete

You light up the nights
With a billion stars
Surely you'll light my way
When the road gets dark

I will walk by faith
and not by sight
This I know
God is faithful

God who holds it all
You know my deepest need
So silence every fear
With perfect peace

When the darkness is great
You are greater
You will never let go
You will remain

Every battle I face
You are stronger
You alone are my hope
You'll make a way
and so we keep on going on
twas a good break from work, and going back to the basics and being thorough and learning loads of procedures and having multiple resus tuts really made me a better doctor.
small things along the way, like chancing upon a church open late at night for a 3day virgil prayer was really awesome. balm to the tired feet and tired soul.

there are still so many things in life to DO but i'm getting there, somehow, someday
glad for the little things in life that continuously remind me that despite it all, God is still with me
glad for the friends he sent along the way! whatsapp msgs popping up like flowers after the rain, kind good luck wishes from friends - one of the best things of this is the friends i made along the way.

next up - massive spring cleaning for cny, more mugging for abem!!
we can do this!!

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