Saturday, December 8, 2018

Post post call

Im having severe post post call syndrome. Practically crawled home after icu call ended yesterday. Prob becos the call literally went off with a bang and then i had to do all the morning entries n screen all the pts and present all the icu pts. Which i have to say i did not do with exactly perfect eloquence but at least the listeners were nice abt it. And the reg was SO nice all night, i was so incredibly lucky to get her.

Ok at least all my pts survived, i also made it out alive (i seriously wondered about making it out alive at 755am when i was rushing thru my prep for am rounds). And i know how to prepare better for the next call! The medical bit is ok. Micu taught me really well for this. Heart cgh micu!!! Its the having to present the whole icu and magically know all the am blds when i spent 5am to 730am firefighting and all the bld results come out at 7am that was difficult but UH hopefully next call will be marginally better (??).

Got a spot for exam in jan. Which omg!!!! 2 mths more to prepare OMG. How is it gonna be possible i havent the faintest clue. But i am grateful to the mock osce the other day for making me mug at least a little bit and the snrs for tuts. At least im not completely clueless.

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