Tuesday, December 25, 2018

of christmas and fruitcakes

learnt alot from this christmas. in the middle of stress and lookin for spinals and gas induced dreams, there are presents under the christmas tree, tinsel, baubles, lots and lots of roast chicken and moments of fun and cheer. but there is also alot of stress, and not enough spinals, but ITS OK lets forget it all for one day or two. 
also been thinking of poetry now and then... the show YOU WHO FORGOT POETRY is most apt to describe this. sometimes, we forget poetry not becos we WANT to, because life comes at us in waves and on boats shouting lots of things and the poetry gets forgotten by the beach. but i dont think it is a BAD thing per se. (ok maybe one day i will need to defrost my heart and love again. but UNTIL THAT DAY, i think, i think, i opt out of the poetry. yes. sometimes i can write really nice poetry with good metaphors. but is it worth it, for the poetry? my artistic side says yes my brain says no there are a million other things to do). 

that being said, there is still alot to give thanks for, like my 5TH SPINAL (am very happy now still). and i know what i need to keep on doing (not slacking off like now). 

merry christmas guys! :)

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