Sunday, December 16, 2018


my precall prayer before my last sicu call: 
so dear God, please may my patients survive my last upcoming SICU call, may i do the right things, may i hand over accurately the things we ponder about all night. its impossible to have human considerations COMPLETELY out of the picture but at least, just help the pts survive the night. THANK YOU, very much gratitude, my prophylactic prayer.

did it work? UHHHH. well. i guess the patients all survived the night. me and my reg? not sure abt my reg but i woke up today post post call feeling like i had just run the stan chart marathon ytd. it was a very uh action packed call but somehow we managed to crawl out of it alive, so that is good, i guess.

yesterday also marked my last day of sicu, i had been really nervous prior to it starting, and worried about alot of things. but it turned out to be very similar to micu in some ways. i was also very lucky to get a nice team and had 2 really nice and friendly consultants. i also managed to set 1 central line and 2 intubations (bringing my logged intubation count to 16, think i did abt 20 so far since starting residency but didnt really start logging the anes ones until after the first week or so).

i still think i need abit more icu/critical care experience, which some can get from ed, and some from. ccu and maybe electives?? much much more to learn, this is barely scratching the surface

next up: back to OT, then christmas + new year, then back to ed!!
im a bit worried TBH since i havent done ED for 1 year, which is the secret reason why i have been torturing myself with all these exams - part b and c hehe so as to not forget ed stuffs! but at the same time, also really excited to be back for obvious reasons. and now i can intubate a bit more confidently, set central lines, set ventilator settings, set IA lines, do chest tubes, am totally way more useful in resus than just being an iv plug setter and computer documentator haha.

something emed taught me is that when we finally start following God's little nudges and soft voices telling us what is the right thing to do, then everything finally starts working out.

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