Sunday, December 30, 2018

confidence/my hope is in the Lord

so i woke up this morning all ready to tackle EXAM STUDYING coz i only have ONE MONTH more left to this giant exam for which i am totally not prepared and which is really expensive. and someone remind me why i am taking the reg exam in yr 1 again? hahaha.

ok i know why, its becos i wanted to keep in touch with ed things during this 1 year away from ED, which is a really long time ok. but still. cant help feeling like ive bitten off ,more than i can chew (seems to be an eternal feeling hahah)

THEN i opened spotify and started playing my fav sanctus real songs and this popped up

the moment the music started i remembered all those days walking from the mrt to work (and nowadays walking down that long corridor into ot), feeling like i'm walking into the the lions den. the chords really make you feel like you're walking a long corridor at 6am into a lion's den HAHA

i'm definitely not a warrior, and altho i have mbbs (and pending mcem), there are definitely times i feel unqualified for what God calls me to do. although there are also times that i somehow got through a super rough call night and dont know how i managed to do what i did (cough SICU calls). and i know that it definitely was God helping me.

'so give me faith daniel in the lions den... give me a heart like david, Lord be my defense'

"Confidence" - sanctus real

I'm not a warrior, I'm too afraid to lose
I feel unqualified for what You're calling me to
But Lord with Your strength, I've got no excuse
'Cause broken people are exactly who You use

So give me faith like Daniel in the lion's den
Give me hope like Moses in the wilderness
Give me a heart like David, Lord be my defense
So I can face my giants with confidence

You took a shepherd boy and made him a King
So I'm gonna trust You and give You everything
I'll face my giants with confidence


my hope is in the lord - sanctus real 
Be still my soul, for the best is yet to come
Though the earth below is shaking
And I struggle to hold on
To anything that isn't bolted down
And I find that I am safe and sound
My hope is in the Lord

And I am blessed beyond compare
To find my joy in things that last
Finding peace in who I am
Rather than my circumstance
I'd rather hear one simple phrase
From my Father's loving voice
Than to hear the praise of strangers
My hope is in the Lord

So come and rest in the promise of His grace
That we are all just travelers
And our destination waits
For the pain you feel is temporary
But God is offering sanctuary
Our hope is in the Lord

"Changed"  sanctus real

I thought it'd be different
Was hoping by now
I would be closer
Have it all figured out
Been counting the reasons
Been feeling the weight
Of all of my failures
And every mistake

And though I cannot see
I know you promised me
You're making a new heart
Where the old one used to be

I'm gonna be changed
A little each day
Even when I fall I'll trust You when You say
I'm gonna be changed
By Your grace
You won't let me stay the same as yesterday
I'm gonna be changed

I look in the mirror
I see in my face
The pain that I've carried
Is being replaced
There's a brighter future
I see it in my eyes
There used to be darkness
But now there's a fire

'Cause the One who began a good work in me
Is faithful to make me complete
You're the Author, Perfector, my Hope and my Healer
The reason that I believe
I can change, oh I can change

10000 things to be improved, and it starts NOW.
how do i know i can change and become a better person - 'cause the one who began a good work in me/ is faithful to make me complete/ you're the reason that i believe/ i can change'

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