Sunday, November 4, 2018

gas filled dreams

weekends are a time to take stock of the busy week
and to realize that there are 100000 things yet undone omg

d said he needed to cull his hobbies HAHAH im the number 1 person who needs that. french/watercolor/korean dramas/computer games. all lovely things to chill but LOGGING PROCEDURES, STUDYING FOR MCEM, RESEARCH, UPDATING PORTFOLIO yo

not to mention rosh review, emrap, amal mattu, all the things i so love but... like no time. just living one day at a time tackling whatever urgent thing i need to complete before the deadline. 

well its great that i passed the anesthesia baby mo test as that was a great source of stress, and its good that the mock osce has ceased to loom over me and started to inspire me to think of ways to improve and given me loads of epiphanies wahaha

that being said i would love one week off to just sleep/clear my head/ or travel to a nice place and chill. however i DO NOT HAVE THAT ONE WEEK bleh. 

so nevermind. i will take these small pockets of free weekend days to chill. its not much but its ok

to do list for today
1) log procedures
2) premeds
3) church
4) practice at least 2-3 peds osce stations
5) start making my own mcem osce notes

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