Sunday, October 14, 2018

dont stop believing

listening to glee on a random sunday morning to psych myself up haha

well i dont really know what i can or should say about anes, BUT i can say that the past 2 weeks ended on a nice note with my first spinal ever supervised by a very very nice consultant. i have done LPs before on babies but this was essentially my first adult LP. however the actual procedure (and the joy at getting a DOPS signed off plus handed up - 1 out of 10, 9 more to go!) was actually nothing compared to the kindness of the consultant. it made me realize that whether kindness is an effective teaching tool or not, it is really much more nicer and humane a teaching tool. i can't speak for everyone obviously, but i hope to be a kind person too and not to make others want to run out crying from any room i am in. some consultants are so nice and kind that you HERO IDOLIZE them and feel that you would do ANYTHING for them. i can think of plenty of ED cons whom i would do that for actually. dr F, dr S, dr j, dr k, etc... the list goes on. so yes. i have learnt how to intubate better, how to bag and mask, and im getting there with the infusion pumps i swear. but the most important lesson i learnt from anesthesia is this: being kind to the people around you, IS the most important and best thing you could do. i'm not sure if that is the lesson they meant me to learn, but i am very grateful to that one consultant who guided a stressed out, baby mo through an adult LP. 

anyway now i need to finish ALL THE ANES ONLINE VIDEOS today. good luck to me. hahaha

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