Friday, September 28, 2018

somehow we keep marchin on

so realized today that my crossfit aspirations are unlikely to materialize for the simple fact that i cannot wake up at 6am to lift weights lol
i can run on no sleep, but i cant lift weights on no sleep sadly

ANYWAY so i sit down to do the neverending stats prep and open my new shiny fcem stats book (i have a real problem with buying books. in that i have a severe addiction to buying books. thank goodness for call money, makes me feel less bad...) . and the journal article i see is "provision of tea and coffee in the ed to reduce left without being seen rates" LOL


there's so many wars we fight
there's so many things we're not
but with what we have
i promise you
we're marchin on
for those doubts that swirl all around us
for all the plans we've made
there isnt a flag i'd wave 

marchin on - one republic

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