Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Reflections on leave d2

D2 of leave hahaha weekend doesnt count k and so far ive done the following
- italki french lesson x 1
- 1 ep of coffee break french
- gym x 1 (combat)
- abstract + poster for conf next yr
- botanics trip + urban sketching
- sorted out 101 admin for anes posting
- handed up minicex + intubation dops
- paid all da billz for sept

I feel soo efficient haha
Now i have left:
1) watch all anes intro videos
2) prepare for journal club
3) gym 2x more hahaha
4) drop in to crossfit sometime this wk
5) go running w my neighbor
6) actually submit the abstract
7) dig up old research that is still not finished
8) get dr p to sign 2 last dops
9) roster request for ed posting next yr
10) sign up for ed exam in london
11) claim $$
12) study for mcem c, join teachings on sat

Omg so much more to do than i have done. But yknow what if ed has taught me anything its that having a life is impt. Yes i work hard but i play hard too ;p sooo bring on the french classes and the crossfit and the running (i think i havent run for like a yr. So unfit). Its in the chill moments that we recharge our batteries and use the other side of our brains that doesnt deal w medicine and that makes us better drs. Not just in terms of remembering the medical stuff but in terms of making us happier people so you dont have a short fuse.

Oh ya another random thought. It is soooo awesome having a buddy in residency. I mean i have many buddies in residency including zy!! But i mean like a built in buddy who went thru med sch with me and who was there since the days of patho and microb ahahaah. Like someone u can ask any qn and u dont have to be worried they will be annoyed (whahaha sorry).

AND on a separate note, not forgetting, running to codes with D. Who would have thought we would level up from those nights spent at serene center mcD studying maths, to running to codes?! God's amazing grace and his foresight in providing me friends for the way never fails to amaze me. Thank u for being there and helping me to never lose my God.

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