Saturday, September 1, 2018

born to be yours

So ive just finished my month of icu, it was really awesome. Loved running to codes and mets. Much thanks to the bosses esp my hero dr k, fellow mos, amazing ac dr p the anesthetist haha, nurses, icu sisters and rts! I never thought i would love icu so much and truth be told i was pretty scared before it all started. But i learnt so much from just 1 mth thanks to the RTs daily ventilator teaching, numerous breakfast tutorials, ultrasound teachings, simulation sessions and airway sessions. It was kinda stressful fitting all that teaching into the days haha but it was worth it! But really best of all was the people that made it such a great posting. Thanks t for always encouraging me about lines and reminding me when its my turn and giving me tips. Thanks to the amazing dr p who taught me so well i got 3 intubations in a row! Thanks to Dr K for teaching me what it means to be a good doctor. both medically and also how to show sincerity and kindness to patients. it is honestly very rare to actually find a consultant who goes out of his way to show kindness to his patients especially in a busy intense ICU but i actually witnessed it. both to the patients and their families at what must be some of the most difficult times of their lives. I genuinely hope to grow up to be a consultant like Dr K. both in terms of his paces knowledge HAHAHA and also the way he talks to pts and their families.

In the short weekend lull before the crazy workweek starts again ive been chionging research, back to ce one of my fav places in the world. Haha i have so many homelands but ed and ce will definitely always be my second home. It was sooooo nostalgic going back. Just walking past the pharmacy and past rm 17, past the procedure rm and ob room where the nebs are done. I almost felt like taking a mask like i usually do from that room and starting a shift haha. So much has changed since i last walked out of ce but ce has stayed exactlY the same, so reassuring and constant.

That being said, i really cant describe how proud i am to be part of my program. Cant think of a better club to be part of and any cooler companions for this journey. Love being able to identify myself as being from ed hahaha. Best choice ever of God to give me that mopex posting 2 yrs ago.

There is SO MUCH to do before i go on leave in sept. no kidding. NO IDEA how i am going to finish it. BUT i will trust in God. also my central lines. how am i going to get all those lines. i have NO CLUE but i will keep watching the online central line videos over and over again and listening to all the podcasts and then maybe one day the central lines will magically start going in. well think about it. i could NOT for the life of me see the optic nerve as a medical student until one day i magically saw it (transiently) - thought it wouldnt matter until i landed up in SIX MONTHS of eye and it suddenly became of UTMOST importance to see the optic nerve. haha. so many one day i will be super good at central lines too.

HOW AM I GOING TO finish my research before the deadlines and get my mini cex and my lines and 3 calls. plus pack my bag before i fly off.

okok DON'T PANIC - as per h2G2. IT WILL BE FINE

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