Monday, September 24, 2018

a million things

a million things to read for anesthesia posting (and also the popup doesnt work very well so im listening to lectures on how to check the machine sans actual pictures... anes podcasting! #foamed)

although i feel very stressed (WHAT IS NEW), at the same time its good to know that alot of the stress is ??self-inflicted and actually i have freedom to go to the gym, chill, learn french, go out for yummy food, etc. basically unwind a very very tight ball of stress. ok actually there are alot of things to be done but as per my twitterhandle: I'LL DO IT LATER

anyway this is just to say that God clearly knows best. like seriously. i dont know how i expected to do all this stuff in time if i didnt take leave this weeek just to chill

and also that as a medical student in edin i actually wanted to do anesthesia until i found out the gases make me super sleepy... i remember idolizing the cool anes trainee that gave me a lift home from st john's in livingstons back to pollock halls. so i cant believe i actually get to do this omg. the activation energy (Ea) whenever one starts a new posting is really terrifying... but I CAN DO THIS!! and pluss going with my embuddy zy, its gonna be finee (self-cheerleader)

okok timetable for today
1030am to 12ish PEDS RESEARCH
12ish french italki class
2pm go to hosp to do some admin things, check out academialibrary
5pm interval training at paragonn


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