Saturday, July 28, 2018

random thoughts on month 1

month 1: IM
- survived (?) 1 IM call so far and (nearly) 1 month of IM.
- am EXTREMELY proud of the amazing residency program i somehow signed up for. i WISH i knew of this amazing program in med school haha i would DEFINITELY have signed up from med school straight. if only i had spent my med school final yr really going round the booths in the residency fair instead of just sitting in the paeds room hahah i might have been tempted by the AWESOME simulation scenarios. was watching the simulation scenarios on my phone on the mrt home from wkend rounding and they are hilariously funny. if i was a med student at this fair it would be like... where do i sign up for this!! also, post welcome dinner drinks was fun too! pity i had to leave early due to rounding the next day
- on that point, waking up early everyday to round is very tiring but my im team is also v awesome! this team really taught me the meaning of TEAMWORK.
- am also v grateful that God put nic and deb (cms juniors that i just never happened to meet in med sch) in my teams as my hos. and meeting shaun randomly in kopitiam too was nice. it just felt like God was watching out for me (and not letting me drift too far away like a lost sheep from the fold)

aims for next month
- hopefully set 10 cvcs!
- hopefully not be too noob at icu. ok. i dont have high expectations for myself. somehow survive ICU.
- er... gym once?
- er... submit my paper? (hahahah)
- er do a minicex (???)
- find a supervisior

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