Wednesday, July 18, 2018

just the way you are

had a v intense FIVE HOUR stats session running on v little sleep (resulting from last minute hw rushing of aforementioned stats hw). made very enjoyable by good teachers hehe so nice to see friendly faces teaching us! also shared camaraderie from all not knowing the answer hahaha. wah i dunno how i am gonna take an EBM exam in five years time. hahaha at all the loaded words "risk" "likelihood" "bias". medical school taught us stats but not really how to answer qns for stats vivas EBM leh

then opened my set of ED hw to be done in the next two weeks. seems like 1 yr ago that i spied was it tw or sharon who had this set of ED HW to be done and wishing so hard i could do it too (and then fast forward to us all doing our homework the night before tskkk haha). flipped open the first page to a cherry red spot staring me in the face (fundoscopic picture). HAHA told dr p - SPOT diagnosis. HAHAHAHA sorry lame joke. tbh i have never seen a cherry red spot pt. only the amazing BCHOW diagnosed this on like his 1st or second week of ACC eye clinic leh. and u really need to dilate to see the macula properly (unless u have a slit lamp available and even then only people who have done an eye posting before really know how to see slit lamp)

daily learning alot. really thank God that i only started this 4 yrs after graduating cos even now i'm learning new things everyday. i can't imagine doing this first day of being a doctor LOL learning all this stuff concurrently with doing the usual HO stuff is completely impossible. thank God for He knows what is best for us all the time :)

two more weeks before i start icu posting.
a little, no very nervous but MUST study omg.

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