Sunday, July 15, 2018

greys anatomy b team/ starry night

coolest new find today is greys anatomy b team! greys always makes life better!!

remembering when we first started hatching this crazy idea to be doctors - in the assembly area at rg in the morning years ago and discussing this cool new show greys anatomy with jay

fastforward to all those days spent watching greys instead of studying anatomy HAHAHA in year 1.

ok the series is v short and it's a webseries but alot of it hit very close to home HAHA the locker room talk (substitute that with MO room). and the enthusiastic intern who can't take blood very well and poked the pt 2x (cough). the enthu intern (aiyah they are all enthu) who got distracted and led her boss the wrong way and couldnt find the pt's room. i also liked taryn who started talking to the liver lol.

love the smoooth feel of this song

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