Sunday, July 15, 2018

2 weeks in

reflections on the past two weeks
- learning alot from IM and also the courses ive been going for reccently. acls was a useful refresher after 6mths of eye HAHA. and fccs was great to learn abt ventilator settings! although it felt like the ed cons were having fun quizzing us at their stations "year 1 residents! you guys are babies!". not to mention that those ED cons are such amazing teachers!! so many ED heros. i really enjoyed those stations coz it felt very applicable to us.

- knowing what to do for an inpatient is very different from just admitting the pt from ED. haha. i have alot more to learn. but i'm getting there!!!

principles i shall live by
- try to study something every night (impossible as i just fall asleep every night immediately on coming home haha. and the only days i come home early-ish is on ED teaching days HAHA)
- to always be honest and admit. if i dont know something be it some small nugget of information abt the pt or some medical fact -then admit it.
- if i am not sure about something then i should admit that i don't know and ask the reg. it's true that maybe it's something i SHOULD know but then - too bad, i am jack of all trades and master of none hahaha so i will just for the sake of safety and kiasuness - check with the reg if i am not sure. sometimes they may not know also, who knows, haha. some people take alot of responsibility on themselves - well i can't sleep at night if i am not sure if i did the right thing or not. i can sleep at night if people think i am stupid or have low threshhold for escalating lol. ANYWAY, if i ask and find out the right answer - i'll know it for next time!
- try very hard to gym errr 1 time per week haha

plans for my one weekend day off
- prepare for journal club
- church
- ?gym

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