Tuesday, May 1, 2018

turn it up

really grateful for a day off work thanks to public hols today haha

some resolutions for the next 1 month and 3 weeks:
- to ALWAYS ask for help if i am not sure, and to bring someone to see the pt if i am not sure of something. there is NO SHAME in asking for help or being slow. to ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING
- to study 30mins of eye every night
- to keep on going and never lose my God. to believe that he has not brought me through these 8 years to just abandon me at the end like this. even in the darkest nights, drowning all alone on call, to believe that God is still there. He still exists.

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spending my day off in acad lib doin research haha but yay! day off! also checking out zombies run, seems like a cool app. i rly shld gy...