Saturday, April 28, 2018

he makes all things beautiful

doing calls for the first time in nearly 2 years has been a very interesting experience

this posting is not an easy one, i have to say. but anything that brings us closer to God is always good. walking through fire is not easy but the prayers we pray as we close our eyes grit our teeth and JUST DO IT even though we DONT WANT TO DO IT and hope to come out unscathed at the other end of this LONG LONG TUNNEL... i think that these prayers are heard.

i think it is v impt to know when to ask for help. to admit that u are not sure and to ask someone. it may feel shameful to keep asking for help but sometimes u have no choice

i think its better to ask for help when you need to and u know this is beyond u rather than to not ask cos u are scared of inconveniencing someone.

that being said - REALLY appreciate my reg on my most reccent call who said "ok lets go see the pt together" when i told him i had just been called by ed for a case of ________. the sense of ... safety? that no matter what injury it turned out to be, it would be ok becos the backup is right there (rather than having to call at 2am and describe the injury)

6 calls more in may, ? no idea how many calls in june prob 6-7
then its time to hang up the bio and learn how to insert IA lines and CVPs!! a new challengE awaits

... think i need a loooooong holiday in the south of france
dreaming of chilling in provence

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