Saturday, March 24, 2018

weekend musings #1/ flower road

(started to number my weekend musings since there are so many lol)

spending my weekend on researcH... seem to spend all my life rushing out research projects

a few quick thoughts
- i LOVE listening to emrap podcasts in my free time
- seeing my big tintinalli book awaiting me makes me SO HAPPY. 3 more months to surviveeeee
- will NEVER EVER forget God's great kindness to me as long as i live
i think He knew that i had sort of idealized the streets of edinburgh becos of that footprints in the snow thing... and the fact that i was so amazed that prayers I had sent up all those nights looking out of my window over the rooftops of edin actually got answered -  He gave me the greatest gift EVER exactly in the same place where it all started.... sitting in the anatomy lecture theatre listening to the emergency medicine profs from the royal teaching us about the golden hour and abcs and trauma during my very first med sch lecture ever

indeed it is true... man can make his own plans, but in the end it is the Lord's way that prevails... and usually God answers our prayers in a manner FAR FAR BETTER than we could EVER EXPECT. (it also took a long time as when i was reading back my old posts, some of the posts were written like nearly 300+ days ago. that is a LONG TIME of waiting and i wont lie the time felt really long too haha. but in the balance of things, it's ok becos it somehow worked out hahaha)

some eye thoughts
- to the kind day surg nurses and aunties who feed me cake/ sandwiches/ milo/ biscuits - THANK YOU SO MUCH. for the acts of human kindness. really appreciate it
- to my friends in the photo room - THANK YOU for teaching me through the photos/ FFAs, i have learnt a LOT from the helpful mini teachings.
- to my fellow mopex mos in eye - b and me are very very slowly getting less noob (extremely slowly). i am really sorry that i am noob at eye still, but at least i no longer feel like the worst eye mo of all time (this may change when they tell us our test results,as i am 100% sure i can't get 90% for that test. i dont even think i can get 90% for an ED test..??) thank you guys for all the patience and for all you guys have taught me. i promise i will study eye really hard for these remaining three months and become less of a space occupying lesion and more of a functioning mo. in return, i can help you guys with plugs!! (altho, i strongly suspect b is MUCH BETTER at plug setting at me hahah as per the lyrical accounts from the pre op nurses)

aims for this weekend
- study some eye
- watch amal mattu ecg podcasts
- listen to some emrap podcasts
- church
- gym
- pay billz

ok i highly doubt i can do all these things lol

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