Friday, March 30, 2018

musings on past 3 mths of eye

SOOO it has been a very very steep learning curve the past 3 months.

but i am quite happy to report that
a) i passed the eye test! meaning i can do calls now (yeah having to pass a test to do calls definitely isnt the best incentive to pass the test hahah but nevertheless it was nice to realize during the test that i was able to answer the qns and knew things i didnt know three months ago. i really thought i would get zero marks but apparently i got >90%??? since that's the passing mark?? so now need to mug ALOTALOT)

b) picked up my first retinal detachment ytd, actually from history its very obvious. ive seen quite a few RD already but this is the first i picked up by myself ie take hx, dilate pt, look thru slit lamp and see a tear and retina billowing at me. altho i have alot more to be good at like is it inferior or superior (cos it was just billowing centrally leh) and LINCOFF rule and all. but still relieved i managed to pick up an RD all by myself!! *achievement unlocked

c) the past three months, getting to know and making friends with the nurses and photo people has been really great. not to mention my fellow saikang warriors who will go over with me to the other hospital in a few days time.

i think the best thing of all has been the friendships made. thanks guys for bearing with me, even though we all know i dont intend to be an eye resident haha. thanks for teaching me stuff and sorry for slowing you guys down. i am slowly becoming slightly more of a functional mo (not really by choice, by osmosis and also NECESSITY). sorry for having to clear every single conjunc and subconj haem so far hahahah i think if the cons are ok in the other hosp i am getting more confidence to discharge these people by myself (also no choice when on call by myself anyway...).

going to a new posting always feels like the first day of school... you have no idea what to expect, where everything is and all
but leaving it in God's hands...
when i was younger i used to sometimes not go for mass if i had loads of schoolwork or exams upcoming. but nowadays my mentality is that yknow whatever us humans do by ourselves is usually not sufficient, so i just heck it all and go for church and pray really hard for divine intervention and somehow it all works out splendidly! so uhhhh hoping that works again. there are tons of things to stress out like call, and uncertainties, and so many random things. also research which is neverending and which i am honestly terrible at

so yeah its good friday today will be going for that! and easter vigil if i ever finish my research paper. and then easter sunday! fav day of the year haha. this year, winter is really over and spring has come.

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