Friday, March 9, 2018

He makes everything beautiful in His time

so first off - it has been a very very long journey but THANK YOU GOD

to my family for believing in me despite me changing my direction from paeds to adult ed, most people wld have thought i was mad but they never mentioned it (i think they love emed themselves ahahahaha thats probably why)

to my closest friends i whatsapp nearly everyday d and a, i can never thank u guys enough for the encouragement all these years, and helping me never lose my God

to the ce people who first instilled the love of a&e in me, the skh people who first taught me all i know and love abt ed, the sgh people who taught me everything else and my many heroes in emed, bosses too numerous to name. fellow mos who slogged away with me at the queues, took my handovers. THANK U!!! :):)

and of cos to my edin med sch friends whom i remembered so vividly these few days traipsing around edin pre and post exam and my cg mates - thank u guys for making me who i am and for helping me survive med sch. 

coming back to edin for a few days has made me absolutely convinced that God was with me those days when i walked thru the snowy pathways feeling alone and despondent. that the one pair of footprints in the snow was the part where he carried me and that he never left me alone. theres no snow in sg but i know that in the story of my life, the last 3 yrs or so, walking in the dark tunnels of uncertainty, God was there guiding me. 

if He had not given me that skh/sgh emed posting at that exact time that he did i would never have learnt the wonders and excitement of emed. 

and on another note, to st jude saint of impossible things - thank you!!! i am sure you helped!! and mother mary whom i petitioned on a random saturday in the middle of organising medications, thank you so so much!!! 

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