Saturday, February 17, 2018

love scenario

happy cny guys~

first time in 2 years i get the whole cny weekend off ie GOLDEN WEEKEND.
but im also itching to go back to shift work... hahah conundrums

meanwhile here's my current jam ie IKON's comeback song love scenario which is currently topping the sk charts

i'm also really enjoying the winter olympics coverage...dreaming of white christmases and going skiing again one day.... not to mention also dreaming of upcoming hols in june

i need to survive
- eye A&E test - in order to do eye calls
- FRCEM intermediate
- write up my paper

on another note i really want to teach sunday school.yeah i know right what are these primary school kids gonna learn from me and my EXTREME JADEDNESS and burnout?! i dont know either. but i keep walking past these promo posters after church and they use such pretty calligraphy and slogans such as "feed my lambs" and "come and follow me" and put my weaknesses like photos of footprints in the sand and i can't help but feel that i am called to go join the sunday school ministry.... maybe this is the time after wanting to do it for so many years... haha.

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