Saturday, January 27, 2018

underwater/ you, clouds, rain

just plodding along in this time and place
bleary eyed mornings, taking the train home in the evenings like a quashed tuna sandwich
dreaming of mountains with wide open expanses, the first snow crunching underneath my feet, footprints in the snow, the salmon leaping up the rivers in the summers

list of happy things/ things that made life bearable this past week
- the day ward cleaner auntie feeling sorry i had to stay back late and giving me milo and water (literally genuine human kindness!! i cant describe how grateful and touched i felt at her act of kindness)
- going around begging for HD bed at 7pm and the gs reg feeling sorry for me i had to stay back so late (lol) "okok you sms me the details after i round i see if i can help you guys. then you go back first let the on call settle... eye mo shld go back early one no need to stay so late". then begging from ortho reg, feeling scared then opened up the on call list only to see the ortho reg on call was A ie my good friend hahaha AWESOME
- being able to see the fundus + optic disk nearly consistently and bilaterally with dilated slit lamp exam!!
- the half day with clinics blocked that meant we could all go out for lunch at merci marcel
- friends who cover me for the day so i can go for supervisor clinic (and my very nice and kind supervisor!)
- knowing i did the right thing by sending pts to ed (after some period of self agonizing, sometimes really no choice need to send... i usually follow up by checking with my ed friends who saw the pt and they concurred that it was right to send)
- the weekend studying - for exams and also increasing my eye knowledge - next skill to pick up is gonio, and BIO as well

aims for this wkend
- study gonioscopy
- go to church
- at least 10 frcem qns

:) happy wkend everyone!

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