Saturday, January 20, 2018

and i will still be here, stargazing

going for a tagcall in 2 hrs! thanks to f for letting me follow!
currently sitting at home doing frcem intermediate qns

yesterdaY after clinics ended, i made it for pump with KL my fav teacher! it was a HILARIOUS class. i was feeling a little skyblue but literally five mins into the pump class and all of us cant help but giggle. KL's classes are all like that

kl: thank you all for coming, even though it's raining - ? what? it's not raining? har, come already leh
*during a really hard bicep track* kl: just anyhow anyhow do! just do something!

also had coffee and cinnamon bun pre class which is not good for weight loss but very good for happiness HAHA. ok whatever. if im happy i'll go runnin more often!

this year (this life really). i choose happiness
yeah somethings are transient and sometimes they said that to bear the hard times first and then happy times will come (xian ku houtian in chinese). sorry i think thats very masochistic. ive had quite enough of that lifestyle, i personally think its a maxim NO ONE shld live by. just be happy everyday. its not like most of life is within your control anyway.

stargazing - kygo
You're saying it's hopeless, that I should hope less
Heaven can help us, well maybe "she" might
You say it's beyond us, what is beyond us?
Let's see and decide
We've been meteoric, even before this
Burns half as long when it's twice as bright
So if it's beyond us, then it's beyond us
Let's see and decide

And I will still be here, stargazing
I'll still look up, look up
Look up for love

I'm trying to save us, you don't wanna save us
You blame human nature, and say it's unkind
Let's make up our own minds, we've got our whole lives
Let's see and decide, decide

Stars don't disappear, they keep blazing
Even when the night is over
And I will still be here, stargazing
I'll still look up, look up
Look up for love
That's how I find the light
cant remember when i first heard this song? somewhere on the radio maybe on one of those drives to work. or maybe its from rpm? the chorus sounds very electronic and the beat sounds like those rpm DONT FALL DONT GIVE UP FOR LOVE

you're saying it's hopeless, that i should hope less - STORY OF MY LIFE
and i will still be here, stargazing...

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