Wednesday, November 8, 2017

aiming for hope

lovely song by david archulecta :)

Verse 1]
Watching the sky
Changing colors colliding tonight
Till I’m under a blanket of stars
Can’t help wondering where you are
Where you are

The darker it gets
The more I can see it

When you’re alone
And don’t know when the night will end
Just remember it’s never too long
So be strong
‘Cause there’s always a ray of hope

[Verse 2]
If there’s a way
A way to clear all these clouds
I’d show you how
There are always signs
Right above you
Made of lights, burning bright


101 things to dooooo as always. they are always the same but neverendinggg. research, study, work. in the end all i ever do is work and sleep HAHA.
anyway had a nice relaxing break! when life rolls on and on we never have any time to think of much but when you're on vacation you have time to think through stufff

except this vacation was a little bit abt extreme sports LOL so i spent quite abit of time hoping that i would survive all the extreme sports i signed up for - happy to report that i indeed survived all that my over-enthusiastic and ambitious planning landed me up in~

i also managed to fit in about 6 frcem intermediate qns from the book "get through mcem b", and learn loads of french through podcasts when in transit so that was great :)

there were many happy moments (in between trying not to fall off mountains) and beautiful sceneries but i think my ABSOLUTE FAV was when i was trekking behind H the guide thinking to myself how nice the footsteps in the snow was and wondering if God was trying to give me a little pick-me-up with the footprints-in-the-snow thing (seeing as how i have managed to survive like the past 7 years just remembering how God brought me through edinburgh with the one pair of footprins in the snow...) and H turned around and says "i'm really happy right now cos it's the first snow!"

trekking in the first snow of the season was really really awesome. also cos i knew (having been to that exact spot before haha) that even though the path looked scary and dangerous - that it actually wasn't! and that i had made it through that path before and could do it again. so i wasn't that freaked of the heights. haha.

okay off to enjoy my 2 days more of leave before i go back to work ~

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