Tuesday, October 10, 2017

whenever you need me

Dear Jesus, What is it that you want me to do for you at this point in my life? 


"Jonah set out and went to Nineveh in obedience to the word of the Lord" - Jonah 3: 1-10 

received this email in my inbox today. one of those prayer of the day things. made me think of the day we had the osce where nearly the whole batch mislabelled the bld cs during mbbs. totally NOT the thing u wanna be doing during ur final mbbs 

my post in march 2014 abt it: http://sunflowerjuice.blogspot.sg/2014/03/fish.html

notable bits:
" First God sends him on a suicide mission, then a storm at sea, and now a fish eats him! Now if it was me, I might take that moment to complain just a little bit, but Jonah doesn’t, he says: “I will sing a song of thanks. I will do what I have promised. Lord, you are the one who saves.”
"the storm was just to stop him from making a terrible mistake, and the fish was the world’s first submarine ride back to safety. God will do something amazing with you, even if you head in the exact wrong direction (I mean, you may come out smelling like fish guts, but still)."
" this is what i found &... i quite like it. haha. THE FISH WAS ACTUALLY SWIMMING JONAH BACK TO SAFETY" 
keep on swimming~
yea we are human and we get easily irritated and frustrated with life. but what amazes me is that despite all our flaws and follibles, we always ALWAYS get saved. somehow, somewhere, someway. even though we go through storms and get eaten by fish, somehow we always get spat out onto dry land. smelling of roses instead of fishguts. even though i still feel like im in the middle of a fish at the moment HAHA. in the middle of my metaphorical bus journey that i kinda sorta didnt really plan for, i know that somewhere out there lies a happy ending. i know this with faith and truth because it has worked out every single time before. i know this becos when i close my eyes i can see the edinburgh rooftops and the snow falling and the footsteps in the snow. and i know that if He was with me then, certainly He will be with me now too. yes there is always a lot to improve but i think He knows that we are only human too. what i love about this faith is that - our God is always forgiving, you can always go back to him when you drift away, and when you finally come back, He will always welcome you back with open arms and generosity. which is something that humans find very very hard to do. and that is why this faith is so amazing. nothing else could have sustained me through all these storms. 
ok. PREPARE PRESENTATION. i am such a procrastinator omg. 

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