Wednesday, October 18, 2017


more prenight shift musings

sometimes in the middle of all the rushing i feel like im hanging on by a rather small thread. not that i can't handle stress just that sometimes i think like HOW am i gonna finish all this mountain of stuff in time

i happily made it to church last sunday and just incidentally went for confession, didnt think too much abt it.

theN i came back and somehow managed to complete and prettify my presentation which i had been languishing on, trying to polish FOREVER to NO AVAIL. and sent it off to my boss for vetting. i was sooo amazed. plus i had such a nice resus shift ytd. it's things like this. its not that its an obligation to go to church per se (well it is, but yknow what i mean). its just that when you take one hour off your life to spend time with God, somehow somehow everything works out so nicely and smoothly that it's really amazing.

yeah ok i still have alot to work on. like when situations or people irritate me. i need to pre-psycho myself with loads of inducements (like retail therapy) so that im happy then i dont get irritated without thinking bout it! i can handle it at work and respond nicely to requests. its in my personal life that i guess my guard isnt up cos... DUH its slacking off time then i get very easily irritated. oh well. im human, what to doooo

things to do today
- claim weekend work pay
- ppt script
- ?? book tickets

"you're the right moment at the right moment
you're the sunlight that keeps my heart going"
henry "it's you"
sounds alittle bit like photosynthesis HAHA

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