Friday, October 13, 2017

it's you

it's you by henry from the while you were sleeping ost!
"cos you're the right time at the right moment...."

i strongly doubt i'll evah find such a person but anyways the song is great haha

another nice song!! by day 6
something is really addictive abt this part of the song. something to do with the melodies? chords they used at that part?
Really I loved you
It’s because I loved you so much
Because I want to forget you but I can’t
That’s why I want to forget you" 

you really feel that the singer loved the person ALOT when he sings that part "really i loved you... it's becos i loved you so much"...
ok admittedly i haven't ever loved anyone that much before (well not TRUE LOVE kind. teenage crushes maybe HAHA). but anyways 

off to work. hope i survive another busy dayyyy

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