Monday, August 28, 2017

if you can't fly, run

super inspiring song by BTS!
All the underdogs in the world
A day may come when we lose
But it is not today
Today we fight!

No not today
Some day, the flowers will wither
But no not today
But today’s not the day
It’s too early to die
No no not today

Yea, we are extra
But still part of this world
That’s not even that special
Today we’ll never die
The light will pierce through the darkness

If you can’t fly, run
Today we will survive
If you can’t run, walk
Too hot, success doublin’
Too hot, somersaulting on the charts
Too high, we on trampoline
Too high, someone stop us

We couldn’t fail
Because we believed in each other
Trust me, who is next to you
Together we won’t die

Throw it up! Throw it up!
Throw away the fear in your eyes
Break it up! Break it up!
Break the glass ceiling that traps you
Turn it up! (Turn it up!)
Burn it up! (Burn it up!)
Till the day of victory (fight!)
Don’t kneel, don’t break down
That’s not today!

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