Saturday, June 24, 2017


I stopped in my tracks and quietly looked at you
And you look at me and smile, as if asking why
I’m just so thankful that you’re by my side
If it wasn’t you
My life would’ve been so cold
Thankfully, you warmed me up

The love that you showed to me
Made me feel like I’m standing on land that I can’t fall on
In the highest point of my life that I can see

Your hands, your embrace, your everything
More than the love you gave me
I will love you
You’re always my comfort
Even after time, it’s you again
If it wasn’t true
I would’ve fallen down into this dizzy world
You are my central axis

Cuz I got you
Even my heart that was dying
It’s racing and playing like it’s 2PM again

I’ll carry all your burdens
I’ll listen to your stories and write them down together
You came to me like a fresh breath/ I promise you, even after countless days pass
life has been... busy again. i guess A is right... slowly we are slipping away from God... what can i say life is sometimes so insiduous and the road is not easy. but i try, i really try. i know this world doesnt care too much if we try or not, but God definitely cares! all those stolen preshift prayers in the lift, i think He hears them. i hope so. I WILL STRIVE TO DO BETTER. its difficult but i will try. 
on that note, i know it sounds terribly cliched, and one should never ever depend on ANYONE believing in one. however, for the ONE PERSON who non metaphorically did believe in me for these few days HAHAHA LOLOL and brought a lot of laughter (despite certain circumstances), thank you! altho the phone calls are literally HEARTSTOPPING makes me think of a radiographer calling me to tell me a patient has a bleed on the ct or somethinG LOL. i havent felt like i could talk so much nonsense to someone for awhile , it was nice. (which is saying sth since i talk loads of nonsense all the time).

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