Thursday, June 15, 2017

spring day

more BTS good stuff

v and j hope's cover of hug me - original song by jung joon il

I couldn’t win over my upset heart
again I’m enduring the dark and sleepless nights
without regard for my despair
the morning indifferently wakes me

the wound burns more than expected
the hurt goes deeper than expected
the countless nights of resenting you are like hell to me

if you go one step further away like this
I can just take one more step and that’s enough

I thought about you thousands of times a day
the unforgiving words that you said to me
that icy gaze and those cold expressions

you were an incredibly pretty person
you were an incredibly pretty person
please don’t be like this to me, you know me well

j-hope's rap part:
the words that you said so lightly at that time
made it so light, our relationship
I didn’t know that ‘being used to it’ would be scarier than anything
I don’t know your heart, up until we ultimately said a goodbye full of regret
as the days pass it gets bigger, the empty space you left
even if we
give water to our flower bed that used to be so beautiful, the
full blooms have all become nothing but memories
only the scent of loneliness gushes forth
if I could see you again I,
i want to show you everything I have
I want to convey it all to you, I
for real for real
until you hold this sincerity in your embrace once again

and a very pretty wintery mv, conversely named spring day HAHA

I miss you
Time is so cruel
I hate us
Now it’s hard
To even see each other’s faces
It’s only winter here
Even in August, winter is here

My heart makes time run
Like a Snowpiercer left alone
How much longing
Has to fall like snow
For the spring days to come?

Like a small piece of dust
That floats in the air
Did you change?
Or did I change?
I hate even this moment that is passing
I guess we changed
I guess that’s how everything is

Yeah I hate you
Although you left
There hasn’t been a day
That I have forgotten you

Honestly, I miss you
But now I’ll erase you
Because that will hurt less
Than resenting you

I’m blowing out the cold you
Like smoke, like white smoke
I say that I’m gonna erase you
But actually, I still can’t let you go

Snowflakes are falling
Getting farther away

You know it all
You’re my best friend
The morning will come again
Because no darkness, no season
Can last forever

Cherry blossoms are blooming
The winter is ending
Past the end of this cold winter
Until the spring comes again
Until the flowers bloom again

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