Thursday, June 15, 2017

so far away/ dream

really into BTS these days!!
suga's so far away is lovelyy

on a random note, i was really happy to do my 2nd M&R under bier's block with ultrasound confirmation ytd with the help of a SUPER NICE con!!! MUCH thanks to the resus pple who let me do it even tho they had loads of manpower and could have prolly done it themselves hahah. altho i super did not meet my quota after that as it was uber chill and i had to literally stalk the triage ecg room to get my patients and push the pts into cc myself, NO REGRETS coz i learnt a lot (plus the alignment on repeat xray was PERFECT so very very happy!!). ok maybe i will regret it later when they tell me i am very slow wahaha. oh WELL. LEAVE IT TO GOD. at least i did something cool today. i mean ive done quite a few m&rs by now (probably abt 5? and i think most of them have quite good alignment except maybe only one had liike just acceptable alignment only). but it was just SO cool with the ultrasound conformation like im pulling the hand and from behind i hear a loud "WHOAA" as everyone looks at the us machine. hahaha so THANK YOU to one of the nicest cons EVER. literally my hero!

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