Sunday, June 4, 2017

never/ murakami kick

“I focused on that point of light for a long, long time. It made me think of something like the final throb of a soul's dying embers.”

"Maybe the star doesn't even exist any more. Yet sometimes that light seems more real to me than anything."

"Reality seemed to have left me and was now wandering around nearby. I hope it can find me." [sincere hope]

"It was a rambling, incoherent dream without any setting. All that was there was a feeling of being in motion."

“I felt as if I were living alone in an extremely well-cared-for ruin.”

Was I happy? Yes. If I looked at things from a distance. [a VERY VERY FAR DISTANCE]

"That's what we all do: endlessly take the long way around." [#story of my life]

“Something will work out tomorrow, I thought. And if not, then tomorrow I'll do some thinking."

“If your confusion leads you in the right direction, the results can be uncommonly rewarding.” HAH 

each time i read these murakami quotes, i have such a difficult time deciding which one is the story of my life. hahah. i think the rambling incoherent dream/ star that doesnt exist might be it. sooo hard to chooose

today's song on replay nonstop! also number 1 on korean charts atm! yeah im more than slightly obsessed with this song/ produce 101 hahah.

I don’t want to love you eh
In the memories that cannot be stopped yeah eh
Everytime everywhere
I can only see you in my head

I repeatedly erase you everyday
But as I look back, it’s a bright and dazzling road
By all means, I won’t leave even a trace of you eh

Not anymore, never ever
But why is my heart filling itself with you again
We’re not forever
We, that were once beautiful

Leave my side yeah
I’m very scared of you yeah (DAEHWI)
Everytime everywhere
It was a love that my life wouldn’t even be wasted for

I don’t wanna know
I don’t wanna know
The heart that turned its back on me
And those words, keep it to yourself
So I can forget all the moments I had with you and all the memories
I’m going on my way

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