Monday, May 1, 2017

reflections on 2017 travels part 1

in between the jet lag, here are some quick thoughts

1. conf was AWESOME, a great honor, my first int'l conf, very inspiring!!! i can't even begin to describe the gratitude and excitement. really very priviledged. I WILL DO BETTER. i will keep on trying! a bright spot just as i was getting really very jaded and exhausted from the daily gridnd. and not least coz of the FREE FLOW OF STARBUCKS
2. i realized a lot of things abt myself during this trip. travel does that to you. not least that i am not very mature and have a LONG WAY TO GO until i attain that level of maturity. oh well. also that after nearly THIRTY hours of travel, and lack of food (hungary airlines hahaha), i get very cranky. very very. i dont think i realized that before as i havent travelled more than thirty hrs at a time before. hahah.
3. one of those things where u realize God is answering all your small and big prayers in unexpected ways. like id wanted to go to canada when i was younger (i actually completely forgot that i even wanted this haha). and CHERRY BLOSSOMS, need i mention more? and the NEW PROJECT. ahhh i thought id enough of balancing work and research (btw it is VERY HARD cos all i wanna do when i get home from work is SLEEP), BUT how to turn down this when it's literally one of my life dreamssss.

anyway. there is plenty more to be done!
i love a busy life when there is tons of things to plan and do
yeah we always need checks and balances in life, that is TRUE. but also every now and then God gives us something awesome.
i definitely, in no way, deserved this lovely opportunity or the meeting of lovely people along the way

oh on a random note - here's the movies i watched along the way haha
there: fantastic beasts and where to find them, sherlock holmes. LOADS of great british bake off
back: trolls (feel good movie +++ haha), rogue one (AWESOME)

ok off to do my one million thingS
plus study for exaM

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