Thursday, April 6, 2017

belated look back at 2016

HAHA this is really very belated.
but anyway 2016 was a good year. it could have had a more fairytale conclusion hhahhaha guess thats what i was waiting for before i posted this post, but anyway i think God knows what he's doing. as my mum concurred when she was like "oh yeah hor if you got into residency right out of med sch you'd be reg soon, can't really imagine you as reg". ME NEITHER. haha. i will strive for increased maturity this year, yes i will. anyway here goes:  also PLEASE GOD i would really like to do 6 more months of emed at my current hospital next mopex posting!!!! and hopefully i'll be even better as time passess...

jan 2016:

Oh telescope,
Keep an eye on my only hope,
Lest I blink and get swept off the narrow road,
Dear God, I was terribly lost
When the galaxies crossed
And the sun went dark.
But dear God, You're the only North Star
I would follow this far.

feb: on fireworks: I remember that moment, i remember the pain

march: it's been a really enjoyable month of seven resus shifts


Lord, teach me that sometimes you have to wait
until I have come to the end of myself
before you can bless me,
until I have finished trying my own plans
before you can show me yours.
Help me to recognise your perfect timing,
and to know that you will never let me down.

may: maybe one day when i finally come to the end of myself, God will finally, finally come through. i wish i could be the girl who hopes in the middle of impossibility but its just that i also dont know what to hope for anymore.

june: !! God has a plan after all!/ Now read the story of a man who heard God's call wherever he was, whatever he was doing, whenever it came, and did at once whatever he was asked to do

july: the examiner right after i finished my acls "mo or reg?"

aug: opening the book & on the first page it says in the dedications "To God be all glory"!!! instantly i knew i've made the right choice.

maybe, just maybe, this crazy idea might work out. haha.

sept: could this, even this, be made beautiful?

i came to you with my heart in pieces/ and found the God with healing in His hands

but on the days that we feel peace in our hearts, we feel like we're in the zone, when work seems like play, when the plugs go in easily, it somehow makes it all okay. that it's okay not to have any great overarching ambition. that it's okay to no longer lead a life full of insecurities and envy for others. that just this day, full of happiness at helping someone, is enough.

nov: i survived this posting!!! thank You God. :) most fun and enjoyable posting EVER. may i have many many more months of a&e experience to come, and may we continue to do Your will.

dec: 6 months more of emergency medicine at my first choice hospital!!! God is really really good, that is all i can say.

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