Monday, March 20, 2017


had the most amazing experience today, no kidding

managed to finish my resus shift in time to go down for church (firstly for me to be able to leave so early is a miracle, let alone that it was quite an ok shift and the boss was great and we worked well tgt!),  reached and the church was literally in a blackout and they just continued on by candlelight

somehow got co-opted into doing the offering in the middle of all this

dont really know how to describe that experience of, literally, seeing a candlelight at the end of the darkness

maybe, just maybe, even though things arent easy, and aren't perfect, maybe there is a tiny shred of hope. very tiny. very shredded. whether that hope can ever grow wings and fly again, i dont know about that. but at least it exists, and at least it can sing birdsong.

anyway, just thanking God for a good resus shift, getting all my green plugs, etc
it was nice that we literally resus-ed this patient who looked really sick but due to fast intervention, looked better much faster. that was really nice.

also to the nice patients who have thanked me in the past few days - you will never know how much that made my day. really.

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