Thursday, March 2, 2017

goals for march

1. to trust God even when it seems difficult
2. to let go and let God
3. to see 10-12 pts in p2 and 20pts in p3 (hahahahahahha. one can hope huh?)
4. to take less unecessary blds
5. to trust God that, everything happens for a reason. and that no matter what we do, He will help us. right God? i hope so

on another note, my 15 year old self was very good, or very lucky, when it came to making friends.
if i hadn't met d when i was 15yo, i think my soul might literally not have survived until this day.
thank You God for giving me good friends who always know what to say, and to help me never lose my soul

on another note, i now know what to do with my life. i'm going to become a hobo and move to nepal TOMORROW.
becos i have night shift in a few hrs, and hence cant go STAT

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